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We are developing the next generation Computer Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) workstation, a  molecular modeling & simulation tool for mimicking & automating the biotech lab in software. Our  tool uses our own novel technologies designed for improving performance and precision (eternally conflicting challenges in complex molecular simulations), and for cutting time and costs drastically in areas like drug discovery, response studies, cancer immunotherapy, drug production management etc. 

And more. The CAMD workstation is equally efficient in designing/developing Nano-materials, for example for designing nano-electronics or new battery technologies.   

Virtual Labs

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Our Business

Innovators. Dreamers.

In-Virtualis is aiming to be a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services in molecular modeling and simulation for the biomedical and the nano-tech market, offering scalable, affordable and efficient solutions for companies of all sizes.

Did you know that most existing molecular simulation software are not affordable in developing countries, where they are sorely needed?


In-Virtualis is founded by a cross-disciplinary group of friends & family who saw both the shortcomings of existing solutions, the increasing need (made obvious by the pandemic and the rush to develop vaccines), and the advances in the underlying technologies indicating how close we are to developing considerably better solutions.

Did you know that even a simple molecular modeling tool can reduce the time & cost of  drug discovery or vaccine development by 30 to 50%. Did you know that the performance and precision of current solutions can be improved vastly simply by using software optimisation techniques, learning algorithms and modern infrastructures?   

We build our solutions by closely listening to our potential users, understanding their expectations, by continuously following research, and by conducting research. Would you like to be an advisory  partner to guide us in developing solutions that fit your needs? Or join us in research? Why not join our fast growing partner base? Get in touch today to learn more about the In-Virtualis story and activities you can both contribute to and benefit from!

"There´s plenty of room at the bottom!"

Richard Feynman

Feynman considered the possibility of direct manipulation of individual atoms as a more powerful form of synthetic chemistry than those used at the time. 

We think it is about time!


Photo by Unknown author, The Big T (yearbook of the California Institute of Technology), Public Domain

Our Innovative Technology

The Possibilities Are Endless

At In-Virtualis, our comprehensive technological solutions aim to help industry leading companies and individuals in bio-technology, nano-medicine and nano-materials achieve greater success. And to achieve it faster - so that we have the necessary drugs and vaccines available without the painful delays that we have been experiencing lately (and periodically since the Spanish Flu in 1918). So, our platform is designed with a range of features created with an aim to help you facilitate and (to a large degree) automate your lab work, and be prepared in time.

Our technology offers many novel additions to existing molecular modeling and simulation tools, like fine-grained manipulation of molecules in VR, sensor based physical lab validation & production control, performance and precision optimisation techniques using novel machine learning algorithms, as well as novel data structures for improving efficiency of 3D molecular representations, storage & processing.

But that is not all. In order to empower our users to do better, and to help make better biomedical solutions available for the society faster, In-Virtualis is continually talking to the users, the scientists, and continuously building upon its technology. So, stay in touch to learn about our novel contributions, R&D, features and other changes, or to give us feedback. Direct us! Contact us today!

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