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The Team

Håvard K. Bjor

CEO, Co-founder & Board Member

Extending the In-Virtualis experience to the tech world and beyond. Our financial & organisational mind and start-up expert.

Background: Entrepreneurship, management, startups. Author and lecturer on entrepreneurship. Operational manager of the Norwegian sports-tech incubator Igloo Innovation. 


Dr. Claudia A. M. Bøen

Strategy, Organizational Development, Structural Chemistry & Board Member

Building a solid funding and growth path, as well as a sound scientific foundation.

Background: PhD Biochemistry and MBA. Long experience with startups, developing competitive business strategies and EU funding.  

Sinan Tandogan Presenting.jpeg

Dr. Sinan Tandogan

Planning and EU advisor, international liason

BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, PhD in Science & Technology Policies. Former manager of entreprenuership and SME programs, board member on several EU projects, and expert in EU Framework & Horizon evaluation cycles. Extensive experience on research commercialisation. Strong connection to international VC networks.   


Ada Akalin Akkøk

Creative advisor, Co-founder & Board Member

Building creative bridges and charting  intuitive experiences for the future. Creating the impossible: The description of an indescribable science-fiction-like technology. 

Background: Molecular Biology, Mathematics, Informatics (Design), Sales and Marketing.  


Dr. M. Naci Akkøk

CSO, Co-founder & Board Chair

Leading towards the unique vision based on passion, hard knowledge and long experience.

Background: PhD Computer Science, MS Data Science (Applied Statistics), MS Computer Science, BSc. Electrical Engineering w/Molecular Biology as secondary major.

Thibaud Freyd.png

Dr. Thibaud Freyd

Computer-Aided Molecular Design, Data Science & Board Member

Building the ultimate, intuitive and intelligent Computer-Aided Molecular Design tool of the future. 

Background: PhD Biochemistry. Long experience in structural biology/chemistry and in data science. 


Deniz Akkøk

IT & development advisor, Co-founder & Board Member

Ensuring we all get the best software experience - relentless bug hunter even on weekends.

Background: Computer Science, Database Management Systems, data Warehouses, Data Science, AI/ML  

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